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An Introductory Word


January 22, 2014:


September 5th:  Archdiocese facing another abuse suit over ex-priest Daniel McCormack  a WLS report

July 21st: Pope John Paul II is No Saint a Chicago Sun-Times op-ed by David McGrath

July 3rd: Cardinal Dolan and the Sexual Abuse Scandal a New York Times editorial

July 1st:

Watch New Documents Show Archdiocese Shielded Pedophile Priests on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

June 25th:  Judge approves Norbert Maday release plan

Norbert Maday in Court

Norbert Maday in Court (Fox11 photo)










May 26: Pope Francis condemns mafia for “enslaving people”  BBC

May 25: Vatican corrects pope: atheists are still going to hell Examiner

May 23: Pope Francis defends atheists USA Today

A grinning Donald McGuire when he was a free man

Convicted perp, Donald McGuire

May 22: Chicago Jesuits hid sex crimes (A $19.6 million settlement between the Jesuits and six of Donald McGuire’s victims.) Chicago Tribune

April 16th: Pope stands firm on reforming “radical feminist” U.S. nuns Reuters (includes video)

April 7th: Priest cases show abuse issues persist: Joliet Diocese has struggled to fulfill its public promise to better protect children, records show  Chicago Tribune

Childhood and recent photos of David Rudofski

David Rudofski, one brave and determined survivor

April 7th: SNAP members praise Cardinal George’s handling of Joliet abuse case Chicago’s WBBM News Radio (CBS)

April 6th: Solving the sex abuse crisis: Experts craft a to-do list for Pope Francis  WorldNews (NBC News)

April 5th: Argentina’s Bishops Delayed Abuse Plan: Under Pope Francis, Then Top Cardinal, Country’s Clergy Missed Vatican Deadline to Create Guidelines Wall Street Journal 

April 5th: Joliet Diocese did not detail priest’s past, hospital says Chicago Tribune

March 21st: Files detail decades of abuse in Joliet Diocese Chicago Tribune




What’s Happening?


American Catholic Council (ACC) will be hosting a conference in Chicago October 25th-27th. Similar conferences are being planned for next spring in California, New York and Florida.

The following is a summary on the ACC’s promotional flyer:

“ACC is pleased to announce with first of a series of regional leadership development seminars across the US in the coming months. Our initial offering is in the MIDWEST and takes place in Chicago. Join us for an extraordinary weekend of dialogue, reflection, study, sharing, prayer, and action planning for leaders and those who feel called to leadership in Church reform at the local, regional, and national levels. A leader is one who influences other (who may or may not occupy a leadership position.)”


Note: FireThePope posts information regarding events that may be of interest to some of the readers of this site. Sharing such information does not necessarily endorse or recommend events or organizations.

CRIME & COVER UP: Indiegogo fundraising campaign from MAKE World Media on Vimeo.



March 19th: Pope Francis Inauguration 2013

Pope Francis kisses a child held up by a man

Have these men learned nothing?


Pope Francis on throne gets ringed

The Cycle Continues














March 18: First Greek Orthodox Leader in Thousand Years to Attend Pope’s Inaugural Mass

March 15: Victim Advocacy Group Wants Meeting With the Pope

A group of survivors and their supporters holding a press conference

Outside the Archdiocese of Chicago offices








March 11th: On Eve of Conclave, Record Criticism of Church for its Handling of Sexual Abuse Cases.  

A stone statue overlooks black smoke from Vatican chimney

Seeing through the Roman Catholic smog.








March 8th:

Ratzinger and Gaenswein on a walk

World Exclusive from Chi Magazine – Joseph Ratzinger takes a stroll with Georg Gaenswein on the grounds of Castel Gandolfo











March 7th: Abuse victims’ group names preferred picks for next pope

March 6th: Priest abuse victims’ group blacklists 12 cardinals for pope

bishops and cardinals seated in a group

Cardinals in scarlet; Archbishops in fushia








March 5th: Americans nix conclave briefing; concern of leaks 

U.S. cardinals saluted by Swiss Guard at Vatican

U.S. Cardinals enter the Good Ol’ Boys’ Club









March 4th: Vatican Corruption

February 27th: Two Popes, One Secretary by Andrew Sullivan

Joseph and Georg

Georgeous Georg assists Joseph in arranging his veil.









February 26th:  Pope Benedict leaves amid a holy mess at the Vatican

February 25th:

Cardinal Keith O'Brien

Cardinal Keith O’Brien resigns