The Bible

Was Jesus Real?

The nature of Jesus has been debated for two thousands years. Is he human? Is he divine? Is he something in between or a little bit of both? Or, is he nothing more than an ancient-time Harry Potter? […]


Compromise and Indecision

A headline on the front page of the Chicago Tribune read, “Obama on middle path over Net spying”. In somewhat smaller print, the sub-headline includes the word compromise.  Taking the middle ground is often seen […]

Icons of Mary
The Bible

Who is My Mother?

Jesus and His Family “He was still addressing the crowds when his mother and his brothers appeared outside to speak with him. Someone said to him, ‘Your mother and your brother are standing out there […]

Jiminy Cricket with umbrella

The Wisdom of Jiminy Cricket

Several years ago, I attended a book signing of The Purple Culture by Steven Boehrer. The event was sponsored by a local Voice of the Faithful (VOTF) group and included a brief presentation by Mr. […]