A sign outside of St. Albert the Great reads, "We demand! Our pastor back!
The Scandal

“Inappropriate for a priest”

On November 4, 2006, I drove to St. Albert the Great Catholic parish near Chicago to speak on behalf of SNAP (Survivors’ Network of those Abused by Priests). The Chicago press descended upon the parish […]

lock on wooden door
The Scandal

Protecting One’s Mission

A Chicago Tribune article titled Religious orders differ from dioceses on abuse procedures – and pay the price reports on how Catholic orders such as the Jesuits, the Christian Brothers, and the Franciscans do not necessarily follow […]

Cradled Babies
My Catholic Life

My Infant Baptism

I’ve heard more than a few Catholics say they “were born Catholic” or “have been Catholic since birth”. Others have said Catholicism is “part of their DNA”. Many boast about being a “cradle Catholic” as […]